recovery plan

CDLL community center provides integrated social services to children, adolescent, young adults, and caregivers. Some of these services include:

BUDGET: xxxx $
RAISED: xxxx $
  1. Karantina Hospital: rehabilitating the reception area, laboratory, OR, and ER.
  2. Geitaoui, Rosaire, St Georges hospitals: assisting them with urgent repairs.
  3. HDF/Monot Primary Healthcare Center, Mouvement de la Jeunesse Orthodoxe Dispensary, and Nabaa Medico-Social Center: supporting rehabilitation efforts; offering medical supplies, medications, and equipment; and guiding the institutions in obtaining MoPH accreditation.
  4. St Marc Laboratory (Geitaoui): undertaking structural repairs and MRI machine repairs.
  5. Offering targeted medical coverage from private insurance companies: to 100 vulnerable patients per month for 12 months.
  6. Training community healthcare volunteers: to assess patients at their homes across Beirut and liaise in real time with Lebanon Needs’ physicians.
  7. Providing medical care to non-mobile individuals: including check-ups and medications.
mental health
BUDGET: xxxx $
RAISED: xxxx $
  1. Operating a community center for mental health support and trauma relief: in partnership with Université Saint-Joseph.
  2. Offering psychological first aid training: to 250 frontline service providers.
  3. Providing mental health treatments: to 200 persons of various ages from across Beirut.
  4. Offering Outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment: to 60 vulnerable individual aged between 18-55 from across  Beirut.
  5. Operating a youth follow-up clinic: to serve 900 children and adolescents from across Beirut.
  6. Promoting life skills and healthy recreational activities: to 2,500 children, adolescent, and youth to teach them how to effectively cope with stress, anger, fear, and violence.
  7. Educating caregivers: teaching 600 parents, teachers, and NGO members about youth’s risky behaviors and coping mechanisms, and conducting basic health assessments.
  8. Holding a media campaign: to raise mental health awareness and promote self-care practices.
BUDGET: xxxx $
RAISED: xxxx $
  1. Rehabilitating micro-businesses: restoring and equipping 60 micro-businesses affected by the blast in 4 different neighborhoods.
  2. Offering integrated assistance: undertaking physical rehabilitation of units and machinery, providing medical and psycho-social support to beneficiaries.
  3. Conducting businesses assessment and capacity building: to ensure the sustainability of the 60 beneficiary businesses.
  4. Mobilizing a pool of experts and corporations: to provide strategic support to the capacity-building program of micro-businesses.
  5. Offering urban design solutions to 4 neighborhoods: to their preserve value, cultural identity, and social life.
BUDGET: xxxx $
RAISED: xxxx $

Building 1: Tamish Building

  • 1920s heritage building, 9 households, micro-business, and 40 individuals
  • Rehabilitating roof, facades, and structural elements according to heritage specifications and norms.
  • Remedying illegal architecture practices.
  • Providing integrated support to tenants, including economic, psycho-social and medical.
  • Offering legal support to protect tenant’s rights and reduce the risk of forced eviction.
  • Rehabilitating the micro-businesses in the building and offering capacity-building program for sustainability (see livelihood project).

Buildings 2 & 3: In the process of identification