Together LiBeirut
Our Mission

Together LiBeirut is a collaborative platform where experts, nonprofit organizations, and social innovators partner to design and implement sustainable solutions to pressing social and economic needs in Lebanon.

Together LiBeirut is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in the United States and is duly registered under the Laws of Lebanon, Recognition No. 15903 under the name: A Sustainable Recovery – LiBeirut.

Our Story

Deeply concerned by the economic crisis that hit Lebanon in 2019, we–Lebanese from across the globe– came together to develop a change making platform for our country. Our first intervention was an emergency relief campaign dedicated to the long-term recovery of Beirut following the devastating explosion of August 4, 2020.

Our mission continues as we expand our efforts beyond Beirut and scale up our social innovation model to all of Lebanon.

We work towards a Lebanon that is a reflection of its true potential and the aspiration of all Lebanese people.

Lebanon is currently facing an existential threat with the gradual collapse of its economic, social, and healthcare systems.
With 18 projects in 4 sectors, our current strategy builds on what we started in 2020 and introduces pilot projects that can be replicated across Lebanon, in collaboration with our local partners, exerts, and social entrepreneurs.
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