The House of Christmas

The House of Christmas (“HOC”) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2017 to provide targeted support to stabilize and strengthen livelihoods across Lebanon. HOC operates on a voluntary basis to support vulnerable families, preserve heritage buildings, promote long-term access to income and employment and restore economic activity and urban fabric of neighborhoods. Actively engaged in supporting livelihoods and revitalizing Lebanese heritage building clusters in the aftermath of the devastating August 4 explosion, HOC amplifies its commitment as the heritage implementing partner of Together Li Beirut (TLB).

Cénacle De La Lumière

Founded in 2006, Cénacle de La Lumière – “CDLL”, is a nonprofit organization that works in the field of community development and youth prevention as well as treatment for people living with mental health conditions and addictions. In the “Youth Cap” community centers in Beirut and Halat, integrated social services for children, adolescents, young adults, and caregivers are offered. CDLL is a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC), and of the National Mental Health and PsychoSocial Support (NMHPSS) task force and is the leading partner of Together LiBeirut in Mental Health.

The Healthcare Social Entrepreneurs Taskforce (HSE)

A taskforce of trusted healthcare experts with a track record of high-impact healthcare interventions in Lebanon.

Cyril Chemali



Michelle Haddad

Network Manager & Coordinator


Remy Daou

PHC Relationship Manager


Toni Toufic

Biomedical Engineer