Impact Reports

The Beirut & Beyond Intervention

Our work continues in Beirut & Beyond, our second intervention. We completed 7 additional projects in 4 vital sectors across Lebanon, touching the lives of 35,480 people: 9 schools received the Mentally Healthy School Program, 11 Primary Healthcare Centers were sup ported and the first healthcare network to receive the Pay-it-Forward Health Fund was selected, 9 MSMEs were supported to sustain, grow and export and 3 heritage buildings were rehabilitated. Read More

The Beirut Blast Intervention

December 31, 2021

When the tragic Beirut Blast happened, we rushed to answer the emergency. Thanks to the trust and support of the Lebanese around the world, with our partners, we were able to allocate 1.89 million , complete 12 projects in 4 vital sectors and 4 affected neighborhoods, touching the lives of more than 22,145 people.

Audit Reports


The Mentally Healthy School Program in 9 Schools Across Lebanon with Cénacle De La Lumière

November 20, 2023

Starting January 2023, the Mentally Healthy School Pilot Program was implemented in 9 schools across Lebanon with Cénacle De La Lumière. To respond to the silent mental health discomfort the youth are facing today, we went straight to schools, a key place for prevention and early detection of symptoms of distress. The multi-dimensional and comprehensive program champions a collaborative partnership among parents, teachers and school staff, to provide a nurturing environment where children and young adults can thrive. Real changes in behavior were observed by school representatives before and after the program. There is hope when we act on time, help us reach more vulnerable schools.

Here’s what we’ve been up to

March 31, 2023

Our March 2023 Newsletter celebrated 9 small businesses affected by the blast supported, the mentally healthy school program launched in 9 schools, a healthcare Taskforce formed and partial rehabilitations on 3 heritage buildings.