Population health is at stake.

Today, we are faced with the sad reality that most Lebanese do not have access to the most basic right to health. 60% of the population do not have public or private health coverage, and 80% rely on private care.

Hospitals are struggling to sustain.

They are facing talent loss, rising energy bills, becoming inaccessible to many. While Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs), the core of healthcare systems, provide essential comprehensive medical care at affordable costs, they unfortunately offer limited services, and are currently overwhelmed and under-equipped to face the increasing demand.

Our Response: The Pay-it-Forward Healthcare Fund

We partnered with 4 dedicated social entrepreneurs from the health field to design the Pay-it-Forward Fund that consists of strengthening an entire healthcare network into a hub.

Each hub consists of a private hospital and surrounding primary healthcare centers (PHCs).

We will empower a private hospital with energy solution to alleviate its struggle in exchange of urgent care to uninsured patients referred by partner PHCs, while supporting the latter with lifesaving medicine and equipment, and offering a referral pathway to their beneficiaries. 

Our ultimate objective is to strengthen a network of health to serve the most vulnerable amongst us. 

Impact per Hub


Hospital empowered with renewable energy solution


Expected uninsured patients to receive urgent specialized care


PHCs to be supported with thousands of lifesaving medication , equipment and a referral pathway


Read more about our implementing partner: The Healthcare Social Entrepreneurs Taskforce (HSE).