Producing and consuming locally is at the heart of any healthy economy.

In Lebanon, the industrial sector, contributing 8% to GDP and employing 20% of the workforce in 2018, has been severely impacted by a series of crises. Many businesses have shut down or are operating at less than 20% capacity. Despite all this we are witnessing a growing trend of consumption of local production putting forward the innovation and talent of the Lebanese in the different sectors. However, the environment remains challenging for producers who face limited access to capital and difficult export opportunities. 

Our Response: The Manufacturing Hub Model

With our partner the House of Christmas, we decided to focus on identifying struggling small local factories to help them build solid foundations for sustainable growth. 

Through an intensive capacity building program, we dedicate our efforts to empower small factories to facilitate their transformation into a manufacturing hub, and maximize their utilization capacity to ensure continuity and growth.

From a struggling factory to a manufacturing hub

Increase in facility utilization

Enabling the sharing of ressources and sustainable production with other producers and artisans

Increase in sales to local & global markets

Local communities & supply chains empowered

Enabling access to new & other producers

Livelihood of families protected


Read more about our implementing partner The House of Christmas.